Welcome to the 2017 Coconino County Fair ShoWorks online fair entry pages!
Thank you for choosing to submit your entries electronically.
Before you begin, please review the instructions on page 6 of the fair booklet and the rules for each department you plan to enter your exhibit(s). You can access an electronic copy here or here (PDF) . Right-click on the link and choose to open in a new tab so that you are not taken off this page. The Fair Book contains all the dates, deadlines, lots, categories and many other tidbits you will want to know if you are looking to enter into the County Fair.
Fill out each required field slowly and accurately. Double check your typing before moving on. The information you enter is what will be printed on the entry tags that go on your exhibit(s) during the fair. So that we may contact you, be sure things like your name, address, phone number, and email address are entered correctly.
*NOTE: All 4-H entries must be completed on the paper form in the Fair booklet or electronic form at http://www.CoconinoCountyFair.com Entries and Exhibits.  Send 4-H entry forms to Cooperative Extension Attn: Kim Horn, 2304 N 3rd Street, Flagstaff, AZ 86004. Phone: 928-774-1868 Fax: 928-774-1860 Email:kimhorn@email.arizona.edu.
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